作者:John L. Marris[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:978-1-61204-788-1 ; 1-61204-788-2

FantaSea begins with a perilous encounter that sets the pace for the adventures of Delphyne, a dolphin, and Muriel, a mermaid princess. Their wondrous adventures take them to reefs all over the sea, and even to a magical fairyland where they meet and befriend pixies, fairies, elves, and all manner of mythical creatures.

The two foster a special friendship with a selkie and a proud, powerful unicorn, as well as many other interesting characters. Throughout their journeys, Delphyne and Muriel face fearsome enemies, including sharks, barracudas, an evil army of mythical fairy creatures led by an evil wizard, and the magical powers of the Sorcerer Eel.

The dolphin and mermaid make many friends, even as they face a sea full of foes. But throughout it all, their relationship grows.

FantaSea is a special story, filled with the banter and laughter of friends. Revel in their victories and cry along with their defeats.

John Marris of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, was the former owner/chef of Exquisite Cuisine and author of the cookbook The Exquisite Cuisine Learn to Cook Gourmet Cookbook. He used to help rehab dolphins and feels a great affinity with animals. The author is now a quadriplegic and writes through voice recognition. He says his stories are written for young adults and older, but can be enjoyed by all ages.

  • CHAPTER I Dolphin and the Mermaid(p.1)
  • CHAPTER II(p.16)
  • CHAPTER III Water Pixies(p.32)
  • CHAPTER IV(p.48)
  • CHAPTER V Selkie and the Unicorn(p.68)
  • CHAPTER VI(p.79)
  • CHAPTER VII(p.98)
  • CHAPTER VIII(p.118)
  • CHAPTER IX The Lionfi sh King(p.135)
  • CHAPTER X(p.152)
  • CHAPTER XI(p.169)
  • CHAPTER XII Fairfax and the Crimson Tide(p.188)
  • CHAPTER XIII(p.207)
  • CHAPTER XIV(p.224)
  • CHAPTER XV The Sorcerer Eel(p.241)
  • CHAPTER XVI(p.259)
  • CHAPTER XVII(p.280)