The Visibly Invisible Man and Other Short Stories


作者:Noel Searle[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn.

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF


This collection of 14 imaginative and fast-paced short stories presents plots that are believable, and also have endings with unusual twists.

The Visibly Invisible Man and Collected Short Stories begins with a stranger moving to a small town in Kentucky. He is heavily covered from head to toe in clothing, allegedly to cover burn scars from the war in Vietnam. He is accepted into the community and circulates freely around town. But months later, the man robs the local bank of $200,000 and then disappears without a trace. The solution to the crime – and its twist – makes the story unforgettable.

The book’s other short stories include “The Old Man on the Tee,” about the death of a golfer. There’s also the tale of an exciting encounter with a UFO, and a tiny man who becomes a shot putter on the American Olympic Track and Field Team. This unusual batch of stories takes readers on a fun ride.

Author Noel B. Searle, M.D., began writing short stories as a diversion from possible claustrophobia in an enclosed MRI machine. By the time Dr. Searle’s MRI session was over, he had the outline for two stories. His other stories result from him imagining characters going “from point A to point B” in a logical and interesting manner. A retired physician, he lives in Texas hill country, 65 miles northwest of San Antonio.

  • Acknowledgments(
  • The Visibly Invisible Man(p.1)
  • Blind Man’s Bluff(p.28)
  • For Whom Did the Bell Toll?(p.36)
  • The Cell Phone Murders(p.46)
  • The Private Eye(p.61)
  • It Ain’t Necessarily So(p.88)
  • Apiarian Justice(p.105)
  • The Marionette Man(p.116)
  • The Last Laugh(p.128)
  • The Old Man on the Tee(p.144)
  • The Last Word(p.154)
  • Who Done It?(p.179)
  • What Goes Around...Comes Around(p.190)
  • The Shot Put Man(p.199)
  • A Story of Sinter Klaas(p.224)