From Dinosaur to Dynamite


作者:Patricia Murray[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

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Synopsis: 'I want mature people to realise they can still enjoy a wonderful sex life,' states Patricia Murray-Chute, author of the new book From Dinosaur to Dynamite: The Secret of Joyful Sex.---- Her book is a mixture of autobiographical and professional experience as a nurse, midwife, life coach and wife. It applies to all ages, but was originally intended for older readers, and provides encouragement for those with concerns about sex after the age of forty.---- 'A must read for couples of all ages wanting to maintain a sexual and intimate connection throughout their lives.' - Majella Weimers, Journalist, TV Producer ---- 'If you want the secrets of how to stay young, look fantastic, be happy, refreshed and vibrant, then go no further than this book. Trish knows exactly what she is talking about and can explain how to enjoy sex in your 60s or any age. Just look at her, she has more vitality and beauty than women half her age!' - Pip McKay, Founder of Matrix Therapies and CEO of Evolve Now! Mind Institute ---- 'Sensitive, playful, and highly important, From Dinosaur to Dynamite is a must read for men and women ready to rejoice in life, love and honouring their passionate side.' - Sacha Crouch, Life Coach, Author of De-stress Your Success ---- 'There are two activities you can do when getting older that feed the mind, body and soul. Both are practiced horizontally. One of them is swimming.' - John Konrads, Competed in three Olympics, won Gold in the 1,500m in Rome 1960 ----

About the Author:

Patricia Murray-Chute is a nurse and life coach. Originally from England, she now lives in Sydney, Australia.---- Publisher's website: ---- read less

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