Tales of Toy World


作者:Lalitha Shetty[原作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn



Are monsters coming to Toy World? Will Bozo have his birthday party? Is Strawbelle really beautiful ? Find out for yourself in Tales of Toy World!

  • It’s a Toy’s World(p.11)
  • Bozo’s Birthday(p.19)
  • A Newcomer Comes to Toy World(p.27)
  • Baby Doll Loses Her Voice(p.37)
  • The Grand Parade(p.43)
  • Mo and Molly Mend Their Ways(p.49)
  • Tashika Tricks Toy World(p.57)
  • Ellie Needs a Doctor(p.65)
  • The Squirrels Go Shopping(p.71)
  • Ryan Rescues Mo and Molly(p.79)
  • The School Concert(p.87)
  • Polly’s New Year’s Resolution(p.95)