Oscar’s way


作者:by Elizabeth Mellor


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF


Children love this story and parents love reading it to them. Both become entranced and enriched by the journey of the two main characters.

  • Dedication(p.III)
  • Who's who(p.VI)
  • Chapter1 Once upon a time(p.1)
  • Chapter2 A warm winter treat(p.8)
  • Chapter3 Curiosity(p.15)
  • Chapter4 The first lesson(p.22)
  • Chapter5 Creatures(p.28)
  • Chapter6 The decision(p.35)
  • Chapter7 The journey begins(p.39)
  • Chapter8 What now?(p.47)
  • Chapter9 The sssurprisse(p.54)
  • Chapter10 Into the valley(p.61)
  • Chapter11 The hope(p.73)
  • Chapter12 The new ally(p.84)
  • Chapter13 Wishing(p.94)
  • Chapter14 Friends(p.100)
  • Chapter15 An explanation(p.105)
  • Chapter16 Almost there(p.111)
  • Chapter17 Looking for Oscar(p.122)
  • Chapter18 The Hill(p.135)
  • Chapter19 Jambie's time(p.142)
  • Chapter20 Oscar's time(p.148)
  • Chapter21 Then, of course, it was time for a snack ...(p.157)
  • Chapter22 Some years later(p.167)
  • Chapter23 Another journey(p.179)
  • Glossary(p.182)
  • Acknowledgements(p.187)
  • Biame(p.188)