The Callie Gang:Who said cats don’t talk


作者:Nicole Wilson[原作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:9781609762988 ; 9781609113230 ; 1609762983 ; 1609113233

In this hilarious tale about The Callie Gang, a litter of 5 kittens, facts are wrapped up in adventures and morals are to be learned as one of the kittens tells her exciting story.

  • Prologue(p.XV)
  • CHAPTER 1Callie(p.1)
  • CHAPTER 2Livvy(p.15)
  • CHAPTER 3Meeting The Dog Titus(p.30)
  • CHAPTER 4First TimeOutside The Barn(p.43)
  • CHAPTER 5Chickens and Mud(p.59)
  • CHAPTER 6Playing and Learning(p.74)
  • CHAPTER 7A Ride in The Car andA Peek Into The House(p.87)
  • CHAPTER 8Fishing in The Creek(p.102)
  • CHAPTER 9The Cow Pasture(p.115)
  • CHAPTER 10The Storm(p.128)
  • CHAPTER 11Fall Time(p.144)
  • CHAPTER 12The First Snow(p.160)
  • CHAPTER 13Trip To TheVeterinary Clinic(p.173)
  • CHAPTER 14The Snooty Cat(p.188)
  • CHAPTER 15Coyotes(p.204)
  • CHAPTER 16Growing Up(p.218)
  • CHAPTER 17Trouble For TheCallie Gang(p.230)
  • Epilogue(p.243)